Sep 2010 24

October 1, we are happy to be returning to Bayside Hut for the Key Biscayne Soccer Club’s annual fundraiser.  Money raised at this event will help keep monthly fees affordable for participating families and also to retain soccer coaches for this very popular local league.  You can help by coming to party… How easy is that?!  Tickets and information are available at the club’s website.

Sep 2010 02

You may have noticed our Facebook page is down. No, we were not transmitting sensitive information to Cuba or trying to hack into Bono’s Gmail account. As a matter of fact, we were not doing anything other than performing under the name we have been using for 28-years.

So it came as surprise that another cover band in California has trademarked the name “Eruption”, and they submitted a complaint to Facebook citing intellectual property infringement. And Facebook, the fickle lover that she is, shut us down.

But don’t despair Eruptionites! We are more than just a cheesy reference to one of our guitar heroes (after all, we were just 14-years old when we chose the name). We’re also a mischievous guerrilla battle outfit of musical espionage! Yeah. I said it.

Our crack team of delinquents in highly placed positions is looking into the matter. Rest assured that we are doing what is necessary to make things right in the world. Stay tuned here or follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

Sep 2010 02

You’ve seen it. The crowd comes in from every corner of South Florida and jumps into the 80′s vortex. We sing. We dance. We break things…

Transit remains our favorite club to play at. It’s also the only club we play at – because they are that good. Amazing food, wide-open spaces and the hardest working bartenders in the business.

Join us for another installment of 80′s mayhem. No cover punks!

Jun 2010 18

Yes. It’s true. For the first time in Miami New Times history a cover band made the list – and it’s all because of our super-secret conspiracy to hijack the music world. OK, maybe not so secret…

Thanks Eruptionites. We could not have done it without you. It was your crazy clicking that put us there, and we are lucky to have such great friends backing us up. You guys are awesome. Check it out: Miami New Times | Best Band

Another cool thing: New Times picked Afrobeta as “best band”. A local electronic duo that has created some beautiful music. I especially like the tune “Play House”. Go check them out.

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